Multi-Event/ Global Community Sponsorship Packages

Here is a list of Global Community (formerly multi-event) sponsors and their regions. If your WordCamp falls within any these regions (and it does!), then smile! You’ve got sponsorship money coming your way!

Learn more about the Global Community Sponsorship program:

If your WordCamp is in Asia/Pacific: If your WordCamp is in Canada: If your WordCamp is in Europe/Africa: If your WordCamp is in Latin and South America: If your WordCamp is in USA:

On managing WordCamp Multi-Event Sponsorships:

Base your estimate on the number of tickets you’ll be selling, and then as you get closer to the big day, we’ll adjust down if needed.

If you are running the money through the WordPress Foundation, just log the multi-event sponsor on your budget spreadsheet and just assume the money is there – Cami and Josepha will handle all the financial details.

If you are not running your finances through the WordPress Foundation (usually this means you’re not in the US or Canada), then you’ll need to invoice the Foundation for these sponsorships and provide payment information. A default invoice template can be found here.

If you have questions on whether a certain company is a multi-event sponsor for your WordCamp, contact

If you’re interested in becoming a multi-event sponsor, more information on the multi-event WordCamp sponsorship program can be found here.