Get your ticket for WordCamp Europe 2017

WordCamp Europe 2017 will be happening in the beautiful city of Paris, nicknamed the “City of Light”, from 15–17 June 2017. The first batch of 2,000 tickets for WordCamp Europe 2017 is on sale, with 500 already gone.

WCEU 2016 in Vienna has been a huge success, with over twice as many attendees than WCEU 2015! This surge in interest surprised a lot of us, and hundreds were left without a ticket, even after we expanded the conference to the neighbouring Leopold museum. We’re expecting the Paris event to be bigger and better than ever, and you don’t want to miss out just because you forgot to get your ticket in time.

To get your ticket, simply visit our tickets page and get your ticket today. If you’re still thinking why should you come to Paris, in this article we gave you 3 (of many) reasons to visit.

See you in Paris!

4 Replies to Get your ticket for WordCamp Europe 2017

  1. Angel says:

    I wanted to go as a volunteer, but i didn´t get any confirmation yet.
    Shall we buy the tickets or wait?

    • Hi Angel. We wrote about volunteers selection process in this article. This year, we will confirm volunteers in smaller batches to have a better on-boarding process. But don’t worry, we will have extra tickets ready for all that applied. So, to answer your question – no need to buy your ticket now, if you applied to volunteer at WCEU 2017.

  2. kedir kemer abdule says:

    how I can get it ?