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It’s kind of funny that a site for conferences about a blogging platform didn’t have a blog, isn’t it?

Welcome to the WordCamp News blog, your official source for news about upcoming WordCamps and other community-driven WordPress events, WordCamp policies, and how to help grow your own local WordPress community. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out enhancements to the site to make it easier to stay up to date and get involved. In the meantime, see if there are any WordCamps near you!

5 Replies to WordCamp News

  1. I would give anything (almost) *lol* to go to Word Camp in Virginia or Las Vegas. Not happening. Are you thinking about making DVD’s of the training sesions that people like me could purchase (at a reasonable price of course). I do know this is going for charity.

  2. Let me know when there will be a Wordcamp in the St. Louis Area. I did not see any near this region.

  3. good point ;-)

    I just applied to do an English-language WordCamp in Tokyo in March – I’m anticipatorily excited!