Introducing Andrea

As more and more people decide they want to organize WordCamps in their areas — especially people who are new to the community or event planning and need more guidance — the volume of applications has become overwhelming. Trying to handle all the WC organizer requests in addition to my responsibilities with core and other community initiatives meant that I wasn’t giving WordCamps as much time as I felt they deserved. As the number of WordCamps increased it became a full-time job, so it is with exceedingly great pleasure that I officially introduce Andrea Middleton to the WordCamp community.

Andrea MiddletonAs current WC organizers already know, Andrea — a WordPress user for three years and the owner of mad project management skills — took over the day to day coordination of WordCamp Central this summer. Based in Portland, she is now the one to review organizer applications, to work with WordCamps operating under the WordPress Foundation’s financial umbrella, to update the WordCamp Central schedule, and generally do all the things I’d been doing around WordCamp organization, all the things I wanted to do but never had time for, and probably a bunch of brilliant things I never even imagined.

In addition to getting her WordCamp feet wet by being in charge of volunteers for WordCamp San Francisco this year, she is cutting her teeth as a local organizer with WordCamp Portland (which is this coming weekend, will be awesome, and if you live anywhere near PDX you should totally go!).

Random fun facts about Andrea:

  • I’ve known her for almost 20 years.*
  • Her work for the past 6 years has been a blend of project management, HR, and marketing that hits all the needs of this job.
  • She is a certified wine educator, and lived in the Virgin Islands for a few years.
  • She is a certified TESOL instructor and taught in Mexico. Latin American WordCamps, Andrea’s your girl!
  • She once stayed up all night dancing in a 24-hour James Brown Dance Marathon**
  • Her husband likes BBQ even more than Matt does.
  • Her daughter is beyond adorable, and was sporting a WordPress button on her baby hat the very first day she was alive.

I’m still involved as needed, but in a more advisory capacity (more ideas and advice, less email and budgets). This will hopefully mean I’ll be able to dedicate more time to core UX, documentation and support projects, WordPress Foundation education programs (kids! girls! underrepresented populations! everyone!), and working with local meetup organizers to help grow the WordPress community in new ways. If you have any questions about this transition, feel free to get in touch or leave a comment on this post. Otherwise, please join me in welcoming Andrea to her new role!


*When we met in 1992, we worked together at Greenpeace in Portland, OR.

** So did I. See previous note regarding where/when we met.

One Reply to Introducing Andrea

  1. Jared says:

    What a great hire!

    I talked to Andrea for at least 20 mins at WCSF and she gave me a ton of ideas/tips for improving the exposure and attendance of my local WP Meetup group.

    She gave me her card and told me to get in touch if I needed any help in the future, not to mention she was extremely personable! I look forward to working with her more on our meetup and area WordCamps :)