Holy October, Batman!

It’s that time again – the month with the Most WordCamps Of The Year, October! This year, there will be a whole 15 WordCamps (including one BuddyCamp). That’s up from last year’s 12 events in October, w00t!

A world traveller could have a grand time hopping from WordCamp to WordCamp this month – we have events from Stockholm to the Phillipines, from Gdansk to Mumbai. Cape Town, South Africa kicked us off yesterday, and Vegas and Detroit are taking us through this weekend.

Then next weekend we get a string of FIVE events! Gdansk, Denver, Louisville, Vancouver… and then of course BuddyCamp Vancouver, the first event to be 100% focused on BuddyPress.

The weekend after that, you can shuffle off to Buffalo, Mumbai, Sofia, Philadelphia, or Stockholm. WordCamps on three continents in one weekend – yes, please!

Closing out the whirlwind of October will be WordCamps on almost opposite corners of the globe: the Philippines and Providence, Rhode Island. Both start with “P” and thus will likely be perfectly pleasing. :)

Don’t take your eyes off of WordCamp Central as the holidays approach – there will be plenty of interesting events in November and December of 2012, as well as new WordCamps springing up in 2013. It’s a great time to be part of the incomparable WordPress community!

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