WordCamp Houston 2010 Makes Second Call for Sponsorship Nominations

Do you remember 2010? Faintly? Fondly? Well, here’s a happy blast from the past:

WordCamp Houston 2010 organizers announced, in the process of organizing the event, that they planned to use the surplus funds from the event for a scholarship. Cool, huh? Alas and alack, no one nominated any students back then, and the money has been sitting and waiting… until now.

In order to qualify for the WordCamp Houston 2010 scholarship you must:

1.) Reside in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area
2.) Be involved in the local, or larger WordPress Community in some capacity
3.) Be enrolled as a high school or college student

Applications will be open from Nov. 1 – Dec. 1, 2012.
During the review period, applications will be reviewed by a committee of local Houston WordPress community members and someone from WordCamp Central. The scholarship winner will be announced at central.wordcamp.org on December 15, 2012.

The award of $2,500 will be made by Jan 1, 2013.


One Reply to WordCamp Houston 2010 Makes Second Call for Sponsorship Nominations

  1. In case you were interested in the budget of WordCamp Houston 2010, it’s now posted here: http://www.wordcamphouston.com/2010-wordcamp-budget/

    That surplus of $2,790.30 is the actual total of the scholarship the 2010 Houston team is offering. Scholarship applicants are being reviewed right now, and the awardee will be announced on the 14th (since the 15th is a Saturday). :)