Multi-Event WordCamp Sponsorship Program

Do you love sponsoring WordCamps? Perhaps you love it so much that you wish you could sponsor every WordCamp on the planet. If so, you’ll probably want to look over our new Multi-Event WordCamp Sponsorship Program, a new way for companies to sponsor multiple WordCamps even more easily. We’re excited to roll this program out for the second quarter of 2013, which starts… Monday!

Huge props to the events group that helped draft this program: Al Davis, Kevin Cristiano, Jared Smith, and Marissa Rosen.  And to the sponsors of every WordCamp, thank you for helping us make great WordPress events possible.

8 Replies to Multi-Event WordCamp Sponsorship Program

  1. Is this a separate sponsorship from sponsoring the individual WordCamps? Will sponsor logos be listed only on the WordCamp site or also on the individual WordCamp location? Very interested!

    • Suzette, this is a way to sponsor individual WordCamps in bulk. Sponsor logos will be posted only on the individual WordCamps; so for example if you decide to sponsor all WordCamps in the East US region for the rest of the year at the WordCamp Champion level, then you’d be acknowledged by each WordCamp in Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, NYC, Philly, Providence, and Raleigh – assuming all of those cities have WordCamps this year – and WordCamp Central would serve as your central billing contact and then send out your logo and info to all of the WordCamps in the region/period you wish to sponsor.

      Like I said, we’re still trying it out, but I’m glad that you’re interested, and I’m happy to answer any other questions you have here or via :) Thanks!

  2. okeyson44 says:

    can someone from nigeria in african sponsor am intrested, and how do i get all the information.

  3. Alexander says:

    Just read this… Hence the delayed comment.

    Does this mean that local WordCamps wouldn’t be require / allowed to solicite sponsorship on a local level.

    I have been a small sponsor at one of the WordCamps here in India. And this good avenue to promote what I was trying to do. Would we have similar avenues in future.

    • Jen Mylo says:

      Hi Alexander. This program is just to allow larger sponsors that contribute to many WordCamps to do so easily without having to go through the process every time. Local organizers will still be seeking and working with local and smaller sponsors as usual.

  4. my questions is, say I have a wordpress support business, and I want to be the only sponsor of my kind on the word-camp, but 3 other companies bought advertising across the board. How does that work?

    • The WordCamp program doesn’t sell advertising, and we don’t do exclusive sponsorships. If you’re looking for exclusivity and advertising, WordCamps are not the right fit for your needs. :)