WordCamp Weekly Update: August 12, 2013

In August, WordCamps come out to play! On both coasts (of North America at least) there are awesome events that you should check out.

On the east coast, WordCamp Providence will be held August 16-17. The biggest event to hit the smallest state in the Union since last year’s WordCamp, speakers this year include Andrew Nacin, Brad Parbs, Mel Choyce, Jake Goldman, John James Jacoby, and so many more! They’re starting off the event on Friday with a Contribute Day, which is a great chance to talk to current core contributors and learn how you can get involved WordPress 3.7 and 3.8!

Over on the left coast, the fifth WordCamp Vancouver is lighting up the Pacific Northwest on August 17. With three tracks and 27 speakers, this event will be full of fun for casual users and high-intensity developers alike! People from all over the continent are coming together to make WordCamp Vancouver rad. They’re sold out, but you can follow them on Twitter with the #wcyvr hashtag, and don’t forget to look up their videos on wordpress.tv in the months to come.

Upcoming WordCamps:

What are you waiting for? You can buy tickets for these upcoming WordCamps right now:

These WordCamps don’t quite have tickets on sale yet, but have found a venue and announced their date!



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  1. Jannet says:

    Do you have any camps for Minneapolis?