WordCamp Pune 2015 Schedule is up


1 Day, 40 Experts, 32 Sessions

There are 18 Talks, 8 Lightning Talks, 6 Workshops, 3 Panel Discussions, 2 QnAs and 1 Critique spread across 3 tracks (User, Developer and Business/ Community). 6 of the sessions are either partly or fully in Marathi and 10 are partly or fully in Hindi. 6th Spetember is the date and the full schedule is here: https://2015.pune.wordcamp.org/schedule/.

The WordPress Lounge and the Word Lounge

We’re hosting two fun Lounges. There’s a WordPress Lounge for all things WordPress, hosted by Pune Wordex. There’s also a Word Lounge by Alphabet Sambar for the practitioners of the craft of writing.

Contests and Networking

There’s a Photography Contest and a combination of Bingo and Scavenger Hunt called the Selfie Hunt. We also have an awesome Buddy Program along with plenty of breaks to boost mingling and networking.

Tickets are selling fast and will be available till the morning of the WordCamp. However, no one looks good wearing ill-fitting t-shirts. If you are looking to attend, grab your ticket now!

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One Reply to WordCamp Pune 2015 Schedule is up

  1. Abhay Mistry says:

    Are seats till available. It will be very late for me it seems. But it would be quite helpful to meetup like minded group in India and learn from them.