WordCamp Orlando 2016 is Cancelled Due to Hurricane Matthew

On October 5th, WordCamp Orlando’s 2016 venue was issued to shut down by officials at The University of Central Florida due to the threat of Hurricane Matthew. The venue, The UCF Rosen Campus, will remain closed throughout the planned duration of our camp, therefore taking the decision to cancel out of the organizer’s hands.

The WCORL team is offering full refunds to all ticket holders up through Friday, October 14th. More information on the refunds can be found on their blog.

The team is planning on rescheduling the camp activities for another date, hopefully later this year. If that happens, all ticket holders will be notified.

Sponsors of WCORL have the option of leaving their sponsorship as-is and becoming a default sponsor of the rescheduled event, or requesting a refund from WordCamp Central. Please contact WordCamp Central for information on sponsorship refunds.

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