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Come Build Something Great at WordCamp Orlando!

WordCamp Orlando 2016 is coming October 7 through October 9, 2016 to the UCF Rosen School of Hospitality Management. This year’s Lego-riffic theme is “Building great things with WordPress” and we’d love to see what building with WordPress means to you!

Speaker applications are still open until July 31 and ticket sales will open in early August with the announcement of our special keynote and first round of speakers.

Also back for its second year is KidsCamp Orlando! Young WordPressers ages 7 to 14 can learn basic WordPress skills and take on fun STEM projects. If you’re not in Orlando, bring the whole family for WordPress fun and an Orlando vacation all in one! We have a great rate with the nearby Rosen Shingle Creek hotel, good for an extended visit!

Sponsorship opportunities are still available – get your company in front of 400 WordPress enthusiasts and professionals!

Don’t miss out on this chance to build new relationships at our Sunday networking brunch and learn from industry professionals and hobbyists alike!

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WordCamp US Call for Speakers

We’re thrilled to announce that WordCamp US 2016 is officially accepting speaker applications!

The 2nd annual WordCamp US will be held in Philadelphia, PA December 2-4, 2016, bringing together WordPress enthusiasts from all areas to participate in the largest WordCamp in the world. We’re looking to build a program packed with amazing presentations which reflects the diversity of the WordPress community and we want you to be a part of it!

2015 WordCamp US | Konstantin Obenland
Speaking at WordCamp US 2015. Photo credit Sheri Bigelow.

What We’re Looking For

WordCamp US showcases the best of WordPress and the WordPress Community. We’re particularly interested in hearing from those who have used WordPress in interesting, innovative, and significant ways. Whether the open source software was used to deliver something technically amazing or whether WordPress was the foundation for creating something meaningful in the community, we want to know about it. We’re also looking for dynamic and versatile speakers to talk about how they use WordPress to grow their business, develop advanced plugins, tell their stories, and much much more.

We also want to hear voices from outside the WordPress community. If you work on other Open Source projects or web design and development in general and think the WordPress community could benefit from your story we want it told at WCUS.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out presentations from last year’s event.

2015 WordCamp US | Audience
Speaking at WordCamp US 2015. Photo credit Sheri Bigelow.

Apply Today!

Please use the application website below to share your ideas with us. Feel free to apply more than once, submitting a single talk idea per submission. If you run into problems submitting your application, please contact us.

Apply to speak at http://wcus-speakers.org

All applications must be submitted by August 31, 2016 at Midnight PDT (UTC-7).

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There are still some tickets available for WordCamp NYC 2016

WordCamp NYC 2016 – July 15th to 17th, will be an amazing job 3 days of WordPress Awesomeness!!! This Year WCNYC is at the United Nations and is an event you won’t want to miss.  Ticket Sales For WordCamp NYC 2016 are Going Fast, grab yours now.


We also have a volunteer spots open and you can apply to volunteer here:




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WPML supports the global WordPress community

We’re so grateful to WPML for their commitment to sponsor every WordCamp in the world by  joining the Global Community Sponsorship program at the Bronze level for 2016. They’ve been supporters of WordCamps and WordPress meetups all over the world as part of the global program since 2013!


WPML turns WordPress websites multilingual. It works with caching, SEO and E-Commerce plugins, and allows the building of complete multilingual sites. WPML powers simple blogs as well as corporate and enterprise sites.

WPML allows users to translate everything in the site, including content, menus, widgets and even theme and plugin texts. WPML powers over 500,000 commercial websites from all over the world.

More information about going multilingual can be found at WPML.org

Huge thanks to WMPL for their commitment to all WordCamps in 2016!

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Plesk joins the WordPress global community sponsorship program in 2016

Please join us in welcoming Plesk to the 2016 WordPress global community sponsorship program! Plesk’s pledge to sponsor all official WordPress community events (WordCamps, meetups, and more) in the Western (Americas) region provides support and stability to our hardworking crew of volunteer event organizers. Thanks for everything, Plesk!


Plesk simplifies web management activities to align with the way infrastructure is used today for hosting websites and web applications. A widely used web management solution, Plesk provides everything a web professional needs to set up a website quickly and securely – including a WordPress Toolkit, an easy-to-navigate control panel, server level automation, supportability tools, and complete protection with our server-to-site security core.

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DreamHost supports WordPress community events

Many thanks to DreamHost for their support of the WordPress global community sponsorship program at the Bronze level in the Western (Americas) region! The aid that DreamHost and other global sponsors provide to WordPress community events is truly invaluable. DreamHost has been part of this program since its inception in 2013, and we couldn’t be more grateful!


DreamHost is a global Web hosting and cloud services provider with over 350,000 customers and 1.2 million blogs, websites and apps hosted. The company offers a wide spectrum of Web hosting and cloud services including Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting, Domain Name Registration, the cloud storage service, DreamObjects, and the cloud computing service DreamCompute. More information can be found at  http://dreamhost.com.

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WordCamps in 2015

2015 was another exciting year in the WordCamp program, with over 21,000 WordPress enthusiasts coming together at 89 different events to spend a day or three talking about WordPress, the free and open source software that now powers more than 25% of the internet.

WordCamps around the world

WordCamps were held in 34 different countries in 2015, with events in 6 continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.

We saw a huge jump in WordCamps held in Europe this year — from 17 in 2014 to 29 in 2015, wow! A whopping 18 WordPress communities organized their very first WordCamp last year.

As you can see in the chart below, the number of WordCamps has been steadily increasing over the past five years. In 2015, we had more numerous, smaller events, as shown by the increase in the number of overall events with the numbers of unique speakers and sessions holding steady.

2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Total number of WordCamps
Year-over-year growth
WordCamps in the US
Year-over-year growth
WordCamps outside the US
Year-over-year growth
Total number of unique speakers
Year-over-year growth
Total number of unique sessions
Year-over-year growth
Total number of unique sponsors
Year-over-year growth
Total number of WordCamp tickets sold
(rounded to the nearest 500)
Year-over-year growth
over 21,000
over 20,000
over 19,000
over 17,000
over 13,000

Did you know that everyone who organizes and staffs a WordCamp is a volunteer? And did you know that all WordCamp speakers are volunteers, as well? If you’re looking at this information and wondering how you can have a WordCamp in your town, check out the WordCamp Organizer Handbook for more information about how WordCamps happen. (Hint: they’re made of people!)

But wait, there’s more data:

WordCamp Organizers in 2015

  • Number of unique organizers: 601
  • Number of first-time organizers: 366

WordCamp Speakers in 2015

  • Total number of unique speakers: 1,677
  • Most speakers at a single WordCamp: 81 (at WordCamp US)
  • Fewest speakers at a single WordCamp: 8 (at WordCamp Winnipeg)
  • Number of first-time speakers: 952

WordCamp Sessions in 2015

  • Total number of unique sessions: 2,135
  • Most sessions at a single WordCamp: 80 (at WordCamp US)
  • Fewest sessions at a single WordCamp: 8 (at WordCamp Winnipeg)
  • Average number of sessions per WordCamp: 25.72

WordCamp Sponsors in 2015

  • Total number of unique sponsors: 891
  • Most sponsors at a single WordCamp: 53 (at WordCamp London)
  • Average number of sponsors per WordCamp: 8.33

WordCamp Attendees in 2015

  • Total number of WordCamp tickets sold: 21,386
  • Most tickets sold for a single WordCamp was: 1,744 at (WordCamp US; 2,424 with live-stream tickets)
  • Fewest tickets sold for a single camp WordCamp: 26 (at WordCamp East Troy)
  • Average number of attendees per WordCamp: 245.82
  • Number of WordCamps with 300+ tickets sold: 36
  • Number of WordCamps with less than 300 tickets sold: 53

Ten Largest WordCamps (listed in order of number of tickets sold) in 2015:

  • WordCamp US
  • WordCamp Tokyo
  • WordCamp Europe
  • WordCamp Kansai
  • WordCamp NYC
  • WordCamp London
  • WordCamp Miami
  • WordCamp Atlanta
  • WordCamp Orlando

Organizing the organizers

In 2015, the WordPress open source project’s Community Team launched some great tools for WordCamp organizers: a payments plugin to help organizers and program administrators get vendors paid with less fuss and fewer emails, a CSS cloning tool to help organizing teams copy and then customize designs from other WordCamp sites, and a remote CSS plugin so that organizers didn’t have to make design changes on their live sites.

In 2015, we also built on the Community Deputies program that began in late 2014, expanding the number of volunteers who help advise and organize our organizing teams to around 30. Furthermore, we started reporting on deputy oversight/administration progress on our team’s blog, to help the whole community see “behind the scenes” at WordCamp Central. If you’re interested in helping with WordCamps or other WordPress community efforts, check out the WordPress Community Team blog!

We can’t wait to see what 2016 brings, and we hope you’ll join us as an attendee, volunteer, speaker, sponsor, organizer… or all of the above!

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Pantheon joins the WordPress global community sponsorship program in 2016

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Pantheon to the WordPress global community sponsorship program in 2016! They’re sponsoring at the Silver level in the Western region, supporting official WordPress community events throughout the Americas.


The website management platform for Drupal & WordPress, Pantheon provides web teams with the hosting, cloud-based developer tools, and scalable infrastructure needed to run awesome websites. Serving billions of pageviews a month for over 100,000 websites, Pantheon’s container-based infrastructure allows you to launch websites faster, without worrying about traffic spikes, security or performance. It’s free in development. Create your free account now!


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