WordCamp Atlanta

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Date March 18–20, 2016 Location Loudermilk Center
40 Courtland Street NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Once again, it’s going to be a rewarding adventure, and we’d hate for you
to be left behind.

In fact, mark your calendar right now for March 18-20, 2016. WordCamp
Atlanta will be happening again at The Loudermilk Center in downtown
Atlanta. We hope to see your face there for some learning and sharing, plus
chances to connect, and reconnect, with other interesting people. How is it
that an educational forum feels like the social event of the season?

Similar to the story of Atlanta, this isn’t just about the original
WordPress CMS, but also the ambitious and resourceful community that grew
out of it. That user and developer community, in turn, has helped build a
diverse and thriving platform that has expanded far beyond WordPress’
humble blogging beginnings.

For Atlanta, it was about transportation. For WordPress, communication.
When even competitors get together to contribute, innovate and help each
other, everyone becomes empowered. That’s the essence of WordCamps around
the world.

Which, in the scheme of things, is a pretty big deal. And we’re about to do
it again.