WordCamp Las Vegas

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Date December 13–14, 2014 Location InNEVation Center
6795 Edmond Street
Las Vegas, NV 89118

If you think Las Vegas is only about gambling and stage shows, think again!

Las Vegas, NV is a bustling technology hub of developers, designers, marketers, and bloggers all building their platform with WordPress, the world’s favorite web software you can use to create beautiful websites or blogs that people want to read and interact with.

During the weekend of December 1314, 2014, join 200 other WordPress users at WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 at the Innevation Center to network and learn about what you can do with WordPress.

This is our sixth year and WordCamp Las Vegas 2014 will feature two tracks, Designer/Developer and Business/User, with twenty-four speakers covering topics for anyone from beginners to experts, from users to developers.

Come join us in the beautiful Las Vegas and learn and share with fellow WordPress enthusiasts.