WordCamp Vegas

WordCamp Las Vegas 2015 WordCamp Las Vegas 2015 - September 19th & 20th - Innevation Center
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Date September 19–20, 2015 Location InNEVation Center
6795 Edmond St. 3rd Floor
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118

WordCamp Las Vegas will be held on September 19th and 20th, 2015. This year we’re looking for speakers that want to show / bring a new dynamic to the worlds most popular content management system. Applications built on WordPress were just a fantasy idea a few years ago. Now they are taking over. What is coming next for the popular CMS? That’s what we’re hoping to showcase at WordCamp Vegas 2015.

Check out @lvwordcamp or https://2015.vegas.wordcamp.org/ for live updates and announcements.